Friday, May 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 5-5-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This was the score of the week! $4 for everything you see.

Sorry for having to post a bunch of catch-up posts. I really am trying to be a good, regular blogger.

Anyway, this haul is from a church rummage sale I ran to in the morning on 5-5-12. It cost $2 to get in early, but the prices were great so I think it was worth it. Everything you see cost me $4 (or $6 if you add the admission).

The teal divided vegetable dish is Vernon Ware. It looks like they included it in 2 of their patterned sets. That piece accounted for $2 of the $4 I paid for everything. It is in perfect condition with no chips, scratches, etc. It looks like it just came off of the store shelf!

The scarf is a Vera Neumann design. I just love the colors. The Waltz exposure meter is one they made for Polaroid cameras and is also in wonderful condition. The box still has the original $9.95 sales price on it. I love old photography and automotive books so when I saw these I knew they were coming home with me. The Valley of the Dolls is newer, but I have always wanted to read it so I brought it home with me too.