Friday, May 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds 5-8-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Thrifty Finds 5-8-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 5-8-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
The rummage sale I went to Tuesday 5-8 was very good to me!

$9.10 for everything you see in the photo and that was after the 30% mark-up for opening night.

- Engraved Pyrex 042-OR-642-B
- Pyrex 206 6" Pie plate
- Tiny 5" Pyrex pie plate marked 205-I, I think this is from the Pyrexette set
- Friendship 933 with basket (I think the basket belongs to Fireside Naturals)
- Cathrinholm stainless steel and black enamel tray
- 5 aluminum jello molds (they are holding up the various finds in the photo)

The engraved dish and the tiny pie plate from the Pyrexette set both have chips but I thought they were both so charming I couldn't leave them there. I hope I can find more engraved Pyrex in the future.

Here is a close-up of the engraving.
Engraving Detail

The Corelle Corner site has more about Engraved Pyrex on their 1931 Pyrex Catalog page here:

The Friendship 933 baker is the first piece of this size I have found.  It is also my first Friendship piece.  It is in perfect condition and I can't wait to have an occasion to make a sheet cake for a party so that I can use it.

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 5-5-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This was the score of the week! $4 for everything you see.

Sorry for having to post a bunch of catch-up posts. I really am trying to be a good, regular blogger.

Anyway, this haul is from a church rummage sale I ran to in the morning on 5-5-12. It cost $2 to get in early, but the prices were great so I think it was worth it. Everything you see cost me $4 (or $6 if you add the admission).

The teal divided vegetable dish is Vernon Ware. It looks like they included it in 2 of their patterned sets. That piece accounted for $2 of the $4 I paid for everything. It is in perfect condition with no chips, scratches, etc. It looks like it just came off of the store shelf!

The scarf is a Vera Neumann design. I just love the colors. The Waltz exposure meter is one they made for Polaroid cameras and is also in wonderful condition. The box still has the original $9.95 sales price on it. I love old photography and automotive books so when I saw these I knew they were coming home with me. The Valley of the Dolls is newer, but I have always wanted to read it so I brought it home with me too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finds 5-3-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Finds 5-3-12 by Neko-Cat
Finds 5-3-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I will be doing a little catching up today.

The 2 books were found at a chucrch rummage sale. $2 ea. which isn't a great deal, but I do love vintage decorating books. I already have a newer version of the large book in mint condition so it was nice to get an older edition too.

The black snowflake 548 came from a basement sale. It is in mint condition, but came without a top. It was more pricey than my thrift store finds, but I still love it!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun

I didn't get a chance to do much thrifting this weekend, but I did pick up a few things.

First, I picked up this sweet little terracotta chicken at a church rummage sale for $0.30 on Friday after work.

Thrifty Find 4-27-12

On Saturday I was able to do a quick thrift store trip before my nephew's first communion.  I picked up another 471, complete with a lid for $2.99.  The pattern on this one is called Sandalwood and it is from 1960, I think.  It is in pretty pristine condition, which is great too!

Thrifty Find 4-28-12

Then on Sunday we stopped in at the local weekly antiques market. I usually don't find much there, or if I do the dealers want a ton of money for it. This time my hubby came with me and I told him he must have been my good luck charm because there were a bunch of new dealers and the prices were much better than normal. I found 2 more of the older primary bowls, they were still very shiny and at $7 they came home with me.

Thrifty Finds 4-29-12

Finally, I got a new shelving unit to store my Pyrex and other pieces on.  I was getting nervous with them on the cheap bookcases had them on.  I had visions of hearing a great crash in the middle of the night as a shelf or two let go and sent everything crashing to the concrete floor.  Now I feel much better and can sleep at night knowing everything won't be ruined by cheap storage.  This isn't everything, I have some pieces in my kitchen in use or on display.

New Shelving

I hope you had a good weekend and found some treasures. Happy thrifting!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifty Finds 4-26-12

Thrifty Finds 4-26-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-26-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Went to an estate sale on lunch and found two 1.5 qt. clear Cinderella bowls. I'd like to get the full set if I can. They really are beautiful, though hard to find it seems.

At the SA I found the 471 in Shenandoah. I just love the 471's. They're so cute and don't take up too much space. I think I'd like to collect them all, if I can.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thrifty Finds 4-24-12

Thrifty Finds 4-24-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-24-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
The "glass: is from a Hazel Atlas Compact Butter Maker according to the patent number on the bottom. Here's a link to the patent on Google . When I found it at the shop I wasn't sure what it was, but I thought it was interesting and at $0.75 I knew I could find some use for it.

The Fridgie is pretty dulled, but I just couldn't leave it there. Sadly, I couldn't find the top. I looked! At our SA's they often separate the tops and bottoms so I was hoping it was somewhere, but sadly, it wasn't.

The SA I went to has been really good for finding vintage tablecloths so I always make sure to look over in the linens. I was just starting to think the well had run dry when I turned the corner and saw this beauty! I sped up a bit and snatched it off the rack. At $4.99 I knew it was going to come home with me. It has already been soaked, washed and was on my kitchen table in time for dinner tonight!

Trip Finds

Trip Finds by Neko-Cat
Trip Finds, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

I went to Massachusetts recently for my Grandfather's memorial and while there I did a little thrifting/antiquing.

I found the red 402 at a Savers in Danvers, Mass. I think it is the older version as it is pretty thick. It is is "well loved" condition, but it hasn't been through a dishwasher, which is good. At $1.99 I couldn't resist it since it matches my kitchen so well.

The snowflake divided casserole was from an antique store, but it is minty mint. I now that this one, and the reverse one with white on teal/turquoise. I found it at this great little shop in Gloucester. They were actually closed, but the shop owner was still in and said I could come in. We had a great time talking about all sorts of things.

The Americana bowl came from my parents, they found it in the Philly area when they were visiting more family on their way home. It is also in mint condition.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Finds 4-19-12

Thrifty Finds 4-19-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-19-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Today's thrifty finds:

2 Vera Neumann scarves - $0.25 each
Woodland 471 - $1
Pampered Chef cookie molds - $1/ea.
Gooseberry 444 - $5
Loaf pan ($ mark) - $1.99
German gingerbread house cookie cutters -$1
Mackinac Bridge Burwood piece - $0.50
Half-round loaf pan - $0.10

I didn't even realize the black and white scarf was a Vera until after I got home. I just thought it would be a nice ponytail/hair scarf. I really loved all of the cheap baking items. I can't wait to use them. The half-round loaf pan is marked as "Made in W. Germany" and it looks like a traditional rehr├╝ckenform.

I know it looks like I thrift every day, but I really don't, though I wish I could! I'm lucky to get out twice a week to either thrift stores or estate sales. These past few days have been really lucky for me with rummage sales being timed right for me to go.

I probably won't be posting for a few days, but with any luck I'll have some new finds when I do!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds 4-18-12

Thrifty Finds 4-18-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-18-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
Went to a rummage sale after work and I came home with these beauties! My first Cathrineholm!

Since it was the first night of the sale everything had a 25% mark-up, but I didn't mind! I got there early enough that I wasn't too far back in line and once they handed out the maps I knew I wanted to start in the housewares section. I walked in, made a beeline there and saw the large yellow bowl, marked at $0.50! Then when I went to the next table and saw the 5 smaller bowls marked $1 for all. At the door they calculated my mark-up but instead of the $1.88 it came out to the lovely cashier told me to just give her $1.80. I couldn't get my money out fast enough!

The art piece was in the "boutique" and was marked $6, so I paid $7.50 for it.

The bowls are in varying conditions. The largest bowl has dangs on the rim, but nothing else in the way of damage. The two medium bowls are kind of rough inside, not sure if I can polish then up a bit with some enamel cleaner. Two of the smaller bowls are pretty close to perfect. Then the last one is kind of rough inside also, hopefully I can clean that up too.

I am still doing the happy dance! My first Cathrineholm and it was found "in the wild" for a steal!!

Thrifty Finds 4-17-12

Thrifty Finds 4-17-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-17-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Here are my thrifting finds from yesterday. The best part is that I got everything for $4.75 after tax!

Sugar (?) and Creamer - $0.25 each
Salt & Pepper Shakers - $0.91 for the pair
Bread Box - $3.08

I have to say, the BeautyBox bread box is my favorite. The bread box is all chrome, it isn't red on the outside like it looks in the photo. It was a little rough when I picked it up, but it cleaned up nicely and now holds cookies and other treats.

I also learned that you can copy the Value World coupons found in JB Dollar Stretcher (YMMV, I'm in SE Michigan) so that you have more than one. They are great coupons too, 50% off on your entire purchase.

There are more photos of everything on my Flickr. Yes, I started a new Flickr account. I hope to blog more about my thrifting adventures and I need a place to put my photos of my finds.