Friday, May 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds 5-8-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Thrifty Finds 5-8-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 5-8-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
The rummage sale I went to Tuesday 5-8 was very good to me!

$9.10 for everything you see in the photo and that was after the 30% mark-up for opening night.

- Engraved Pyrex 042-OR-642-B
- Pyrex 206 6" Pie plate
- Tiny 5" Pyrex pie plate marked 205-I, I think this is from the Pyrexette set
- Friendship 933 with basket (I think the basket belongs to Fireside Naturals)
- Cathrinholm stainless steel and black enamel tray
- 5 aluminum jello molds (they are holding up the various finds in the photo)

The engraved dish and the tiny pie plate from the Pyrexette set both have chips but I thought they were both so charming I couldn't leave them there. I hope I can find more engraved Pyrex in the future.

Here is a close-up of the engraving.
Engraving Detail

The Corelle Corner site has more about Engraved Pyrex on their 1931 Pyrex Catalog page here:

The Friendship 933 baker is the first piece of this size I have found.  It is also my first Friendship piece.  It is in perfect condition and I can't wait to have an occasion to make a sheet cake for a party so that I can use it.

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Thrifty Finds 5-5-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 5-5-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This was the score of the week! $4 for everything you see.

Sorry for having to post a bunch of catch-up posts. I really am trying to be a good, regular blogger.

Anyway, this haul is from a church rummage sale I ran to in the morning on 5-5-12. It cost $2 to get in early, but the prices were great so I think it was worth it. Everything you see cost me $4 (or $6 if you add the admission).

The teal divided vegetable dish is Vernon Ware. It looks like they included it in 2 of their patterned sets. That piece accounted for $2 of the $4 I paid for everything. It is in perfect condition with no chips, scratches, etc. It looks like it just came off of the store shelf!

The scarf is a Vera Neumann design. I just love the colors. The Waltz exposure meter is one they made for Polaroid cameras and is also in wonderful condition. The box still has the original $9.95 sales price on it. I love old photography and automotive books so when I saw these I knew they were coming home with me. The Valley of the Dolls is newer, but I have always wanted to read it so I brought it home with me too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finds 5-3-12 (Catch-Up Post)

Finds 5-3-12 by Neko-Cat
Finds 5-3-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I will be doing a little catching up today.

The 2 books were found at a chucrch rummage sale. $2 ea. which isn't a great deal, but I do love vintage decorating books. I already have a newer version of the large book in mint condition so it was nice to get an older edition too.

The black snowflake 548 came from a basement sale. It is in mint condition, but came without a top. It was more pricey than my thrift store finds, but I still love it!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun

I didn't get a chance to do much thrifting this weekend, but I did pick up a few things.

First, I picked up this sweet little terracotta chicken at a church rummage sale for $0.30 on Friday after work.

Thrifty Find 4-27-12

On Saturday I was able to do a quick thrift store trip before my nephew's first communion.  I picked up another 471, complete with a lid for $2.99.  The pattern on this one is called Sandalwood and it is from 1960, I think.  It is in pretty pristine condition, which is great too!

Thrifty Find 4-28-12

Then on Sunday we stopped in at the local weekly antiques market. I usually don't find much there, or if I do the dealers want a ton of money for it. This time my hubby came with me and I told him he must have been my good luck charm because there were a bunch of new dealers and the prices were much better than normal. I found 2 more of the older primary bowls, they were still very shiny and at $7 they came home with me.

Thrifty Finds 4-29-12

Finally, I got a new shelving unit to store my Pyrex and other pieces on.  I was getting nervous with them on the cheap bookcases had them on.  I had visions of hearing a great crash in the middle of the night as a shelf or two let go and sent everything crashing to the concrete floor.  Now I feel much better and can sleep at night knowing everything won't be ruined by cheap storage.  This isn't everything, I have some pieces in my kitchen in use or on display.

New Shelving

I hope you had a good weekend and found some treasures. Happy thrifting!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifty Finds 4-26-12

Thrifty Finds 4-26-12 by Neko-Cat
Thrifty Finds 4-26-12, a photo by Neko-Cat on Flickr.

Went to an estate sale on lunch and found two 1.5 qt. clear Cinderella bowls. I'd like to get the full set if I can. They really are beautiful, though hard to find it seems.

At the SA I found the 471 in Shenandoah. I just love the 471's. They're so cute and don't take up too much space. I think I'd like to collect them all, if I can.